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Have you ever wondered about the story behind our name? Avani is a girls name, widely recognised for its meaning Earth, it evokes authenticity and radiates warmth. Aligning perfectly with our company's purpose of connecting for change across the energy sector, placing top tier talent in leading organisations and supporting the global transition to cleaner energy solutions.

Here at Avani, we believe it’s our role to bring people together and create meaningful long term relationships. For job seekers, that means using our wealth of industry knowledge to connect you to an employer who will help you reach your full potential. For our clients, it means identifying top talent in the market to enhance your culture and drive your business forward.

Our recruitment process combines cutting-edge technology, a unique personalised approach, industry expertise, AI, and social media in tandem with traditional recruitment methods to uncover and engage with untapped talent that others are unable to reach.


About Avani


Jade Tomlinson, Founder and Director of Avani Group

With a career that has seen me rise through the ranks at a global recruitment agency, spanning sectors like Energy, Infrastructure, and Resources, I've gained valuable insights into the recruitment landscape. Combining my entrepreneurial spirit, unwavering commitment to my team, and a boundless passion for the industry, I'm the driving force behind Avani's strategy and vision.

As a charismatic and visionary leader, I'm on a mission to build a people-centric recruitment agency that not only capitalises on individual strengths but also challenges the status quo, consistently delivers exceptional results, and partners with leading organisations across the energy sector to contribute to a greener, better future.

My keen eye for detail and relentless work ethic ensure that, when you partner with me to secure top talent in the energy sector, Read More

Our Vision

We're on a mission to bring people together and create meaningful long term relationships
At Avani Group, we're passionate about supporting the globaltransition to cleaner energy solutions.

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